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Georgia Ball

Randy Emberlin 

David Hahn

Kat Richardson

Bob Smith

Doug Wheatley 

Georgia has been writing comics since 2004 when she launched a web comic with her artist husband Scott. Scooter and Ferret ran until 2010 and landed her a writing gig for Strawberry Shortcake. Since then she’s written comics for Disney, Littlest Pet Shop, My Little Pony, Transformers, Scooby Doo, and Evil Dead 2.

Current projects include the Frozen comic series from Joe Books, the newest round of Strawberry Shortcake from IDW and out in October, Evil Dead 2: Revenge of Jack the Ripper.


Randy Emberlin is a comic book artist, though he has spent the past 30 years working in a variety of creative fields. Whether as an illustrator of educational books or an animator on over 50 television commercials, he has made his presence felt through his style and sensibilities.

Over the last 20 years he is probably best known for his work as an inker in comics, with a resume that includes long runs on Amazing Spider-Man, Web of Spider-Man, GI Joe, Doctor Strange, Alien Legion, Star Wars Tales, Mr. T for British publisher AP Comics, Ghost and the R.I.P.D.graphic novel from the movie for Dark Horse, and Left Behind for Wildstorm. Randy is currently inking a 28 pg. chapter called "Matthew" in a 140 pg. Biblical graphic novel called The Twelve for the Kingstone Media Group. He has worked with a wide range of pencilers and has many distinctive styles that fans are well acquainted with.

Randy's presentation of "The Dynamic Art of Comics" is presented at numerous Portland OR schools.  Randy and his wife Judy also host 3 weeks of Summer Comic Book Art Camps for students, ages 8-16 in their hometown of Portland, Oregon.


David has illustrated issues of Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, Marvel Adventures, and Fantastic Four, all for Marvel Comics; and Bite Club, Fables, Lucifer, and Red Herring for DC Comics; as well as The Batman Handbook, licensed for Quirk Books.

He is currently the penciling artist on DC Comics' Batman '66 Meets the Man From UNCLE cross-over mini-series as well as wrapping up his creator-owned four issue post-apocalyptic story, Dayglow, published by Publish Enemies and currently available in digital download format from Comixology.

 David was nominated for both an Eisner Award and an Ignatz Award for his creator-owned comic series, Private Beach, published by Slave Labor Graphics


Kat is a National Bestselling Author best known for her Greywalker urban fantasy series.

Harper Blaine, the heroine of the series, is a private investigator living in Seattle and was killed whilst pursuing a case. She was dead for only two minutes and brought back by medical intervention. During her recovery, she discovers she is able to recognize witches and vampires, see ghosts and is aware of other elements of the supernatural world. She discovers that her brief death has turned her into a Greywalker, a human able to move back and forth at will through the Grey, the realm that exists between our world and the next.

Besides the Greywalker series she has contributed to the 2009 anthology Mean Streets with Thomas E. Sniegoski, Simon R. Green and Jim Butcher. Short fiction includes The Werewolf Before Christmas (2008), The Hollow Hounds (2013), Heart's Desire (2015) and Spite House (2016) with C. E. Murphy.

In addition Kat has published in other text forms and media, including role-playing games, video games, and comics as well as magazine writing, technical writing, and curriculum writing and editing.


Bob Smith grew up in Grayland WA and attended college at Grays Harbor Community College and Western Washington University. His debut in professional comics was for DC on Plastic Man in 1975. He continued working fulltime for DC comics for many years inking a wide variety of titles such as Super Friends, Star Trek, Secrets of Haunted House, the Robin mini-series, The Flash, Green Lantern, The Huntress, DC Presents, Detective Comics, Captain Atom, Catwoman, Black Canary, and many others.

In 1998, Bob moved to Archie Comics, inking many titles; however his primary job has been collaborating with comic legend Stan Goldberg. Bob worked on the long anticipated story line "Archie Marries Veronica/Archie Marries Betty", and also inked the Archie daily and Sunday strips.  He continues inking full time with Archie Comics.

Bob is a 2013 Harvey Award nominee for Best Inker for his work on the Life with Archie Magazine.

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Doug is a Harvey Award and Joe Shuster Award nominee, critically acclaimed comic book artist.

He has done work for Marvel, D.C., Dark Horse, Acclaim, Image, and Black Bull on such titles as Aliens: Apocalypse- The Destroying Angels, Superman: Last Son of Earth, Blade: The Vampire Hunter, Incredible Hulk, Punisher and the Walking Dead. DC credits include Batman and Superman.

Doug was the artist on the ambitious comic’s adaptation of the film Star Wars: Episode III which secured his place as one of the major, modern Star Wars artists. Over the past six years, he has worked on popular story arcs for Lucas Film and Dark Horse's Star Wars: Republic, Empire and Dark Times series. He has also provided various covers and one-shots for the line including Star Wars: Legacy and the upcoming Darth Vader: The Lost Command.

Other works include storyboards for the 2006 film Superman Returns and most recently production designs for the live action Star Wars television series.


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