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Kendare Blake is a best selling author of Young Adult Fantasy novels.
In 2011-2012, her books Anna Dressed in Blood and Girl of Nightmares reached the NPR Kirkus Top Ten. The Anna series was followed by the Goddess War trilogy (Antigoddess, Mortal Gods, and Ungodly).

Her recent series, Three Dark Crowns, reached #1 on the New York Times Bestselling list. Titles include Three Dark Crowns, One Dark Throne, Queens of Fennbirn, and Two Dark Reigns. The fourth and final book of the series, Five Dark Fates, is scheduled for release September 3rd, 2019.

Kendareís work has brought a lot of attention from Hollywood too.  Variety brings word that 20th Century Fox swooped in to acquire feature film rights for the fantasy saga, Three Dark Crowns, and is under development at 21 Laps.

Warner Brothers announced on April 12th they had just closed a deal for her short horror story, On The I-5. The story is being kept under wraps but itís a female-empowered subversion of the serial killer genre.

Author Stephanie Meyer (Twilight Saga), obtained the film rights to Anna Dressed In Blood, to be developed through her production company Fickle Fish Films for Lionsgate.

For more news and information about Kendareís work, go to: https://kendareblake.com/
Follow her on twitter @kendareblake & Facebook https://www.facebook.com/kendare.blake


Jeremy Colwell is a comic book colorist, known mostly for his work on DC/IDWís Batman/TMNT crossover series.

His colors are also in books published by DC (He-Man/Thundercats, Injustice/Masters of the Universe, and Wonder Woman: Rebirth), Dark Horse (Trekker, Halo), IDW (Powerpuff Girls, Dexterís Laboratory), Image (Section ZERO), and many others. He also has worked on advertising campaigns and even a Netflix series.

He currently lives near Portland, OR with his two sons and three cats.



Former Director of Concept Art at Bioware for a decade during their golden age, John has worked in the film industry for the last eleven years. Since landing in the film game, John has worked on a diverse range of genre series and features from Once Upon A Time, Falling Skies and Man in the High Castle to Night at the Museum, Wolverine, Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters and Power Rangers.

Currently illustrating The Flash, American Gods and some cool NDA work, and just wrapped from Titans, The Umbrella Academy, The Twilight Zone and Lost In Space, John also does variant covers for the Big Five and designs collectible statues for market.

This proud papa enjoys spending downtime with his daughter Rynn and his wife Kjersten, devouring high culture and lowbrow kitsch with equal enthusiasm, good debate, living well and contemplating the nature of experience in this shared substrate reality.


Andy Owens is a 20-year comic book veteran as an artist/inker. He began his career in 1995 working for Image Comics's imprint WildStorm Productions. Throughout the years he has worked for all four major comic book publishers on some of their top titles.

For Marvel, he has worked on X-Men, Wolverine and Uncanny Inhumans. And for Dark Horse Comics, Conan, Hellboy and a long run on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

His largest body of work has been for DC Comics working on The Flash, Superman, Batman, Nightwing, Justice League, Green Arrow, Suicide Squad and Scooby Apocalypse. While at DC Comics, he also collaborated with Artist Scott McDaniel for more than ten years.

He lives in the great Pacific Northwest with his wife and 3 children.


Roger Sweet's career spans decades and his list of accomplishments is longer than most people could take credit for. He was a Lead Designer working for Mattel's Preliminary Design Department during much of the 1970ís and 1980ís, best known for originating the idea of He-man and the Masters of the Universe.

Although he is best known for originating He-Man, (and She-Ra), there is so much more. Roger originated the Dragon Walker vehicle, and co-created the Castle Grayskull playset. Other Mattel projects include the Space 1999 Moon Base Alpha Playset, Hot Wheels related items, the Star Maker Guitar, and the Suckerman Throw Toy.

Roger also managed the preliminary design department for the Marvel Secret Wars line. His main contributions were the Doom Roller vehicle, the Freedom Fighter vehicle/playset and the Tower of Doom playset.

Deeply involved in the design and development of the Barbie toy line, Roger was the creator of the Western Barbie (and her horse Dallas). Western Barbie was Mattel's best selling Barbie for six consecutive years. He also created the Barbie Moped/Scooter and several playsets. They include the Tropical Flower Shop, the Wet N' Wild Water Park, and the Barbie Magical Mansion. The Magical Mansion was the most ambitious undertaking of all with both interior and exterior lighting as well as light up fireplace and small working appliances in the kitchen.

Rogerís career is far from limited to the Mattel toy line. He was a designer for both Boeing and Lockheed. His contributions to the airline industry, just to name a few, include designing electronic consoles, the Two Floor Galley System for the Boeing 747 as well as designing the 747 interiors for both American and United Airlines.

Other companies heís served include Hamilton-Beach, Rubbermaid, Proctor & Gamble, Hoover, and Fisher-Price working on product design as well as packaging.

Throughout Roger's career, he was the recipient of many industry awards voted on by his peers.

Roger has compiled several binders to share at Bellingham Comicon. They contain concept designs, drawings and accomplishments. Please join us in welcoming a man that has contributed so much.


Doug Wheatley is a critically acclaimed comic book artist. He is a Harvey Award and Joe Shuster Award nominee and won the Artist of the Year prize in Toulouse, France.

Doug recently illustrated the new Game of Thrones book: Fire and Blood by George RR Martin and his work appears on the covers of Avatar: Tsu'Tey's Path. He is currently working on several projects including a new Alien vs. Predator comic book series

His greatest body of work is on several Star Wars titles including Star Wars: Empire, Revenge of the Sith, Star Wars: Republic and Star Wars: Dark Times as well as several one-shot comics such as The Bounty Hunters: Kenix Kil and Star Wars: Purge. He also worked as a concept artist on the live action Star Wars TV series, some of those designs have been used in the stand alone Star Wars movie Solo. Also for Dark Horse his titles include Aliens: Apocalypse- The Destroying Angels, Conan And Predator.

Doug has also worked on Marvel and DC Comics characters, on titleís such as Superman, Batman, Blade: The Vampire Hunter, Incredible Hulk, Punisher, and many more!


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