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Show Organizer
Eric Burris

Bill Wormstedt
David Smith
Richard Finn

Deanna Davis
Sam McIntyre
Lynsey Keenan
Richard Keenan

What about this new April show call the Marketplace?

Itís very simple really. At every show we have to turn vendors away due to space limitations. The larger shows like ECCC are making it harder and harder for vendors and small press artists to participate. For this April 2020 show, space that is normally allocated for Special Guests, Costume Contest and other activities is being reallocated for Vendors.

The Marketplace show will make room for those previously on the wait list for the Bellingham Comicon, or flat out canít justify paying the big bucks to get into other shows.

All three rooms will have tables/space available to set up. Marketplace will be filled 100% with Vendors.

We are also dropping the admission price to only $5 and will accept Canadian currency for admission at face value. Kids up to 7 years old will still be admitted for free.

Bellingham Comicon has always offered Northwest Washington the biggest selection of comics and pop culture merchandise. The Marketplace show will raise the bar another notch!

Eric Burris
Bellingham Comicon

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James Taylor

Artist Contribution
Jason Metcalf
Jeff Balke

Bill Wormstedt

Costume Contest
Aja Wildbird-Blackmore

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